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Read what patients have said about Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Adrian Cohen.

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What patients say about Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Adrian Cohen

Chiropractors scare me! However, to my great surprise, I found more then a chiropractor... I found a healer, Dr. Adrian Cohen. I'm writing this testimonial because I know I'm not the only one terrified of chiropractors and if you are reading this, that means you may be too. I am a 32 years old woman, with herniated disc, back pain and spasms caused by this condition; due to this ongoing pain, I had to go see a specialist. The previous experience I had with a chiropractor didn't go well; he was to abrupt for me and didn't explain what he was doing or why I ended up crying in pain after the session. Needless to say, I was stressed, panicked and skeptical at the thought of seeing another chiropractor, but I owed it to myself to give it another try. During my first session with Dr. Cohen, I was so stressed that I was jumping every time he got near to my back. I told him I was not ready for adjustments, mentally, and asked him if he could find different way to relieve the pain. At the beginning, I was so bad that we were talking about putting me to the spinal-decompression machine as the only solution; but before that, Dr. Cohen asked if he could just do onesession to see how I would feel and respond to it. The session consisted of no painful adjustments (thank God!), with him always telling me what was happening with my body, offering me recommendations, exercises and tips on how to alleviate my pain in the near future. I was indeed amazed to see how good I felt, even after the first session! Not only that I slept better, but I am glad to say that my sharp pain (going all over my leg and ending in my toes) subsided. After the 4th session I remember I left the building and literally start jumping cause I was feeling so light and easy! So, I thought to myself, it is possible! This is why I said I found more than a chiropractor. I feel safe and, as long as my back, is happy, I'm happy!

Ana Catone

I’d like to express how pleased I have been with my experience at Canada’s Accident Rehab Group. In particular, Dr. Adrian Cohen has been wonderful: highly skilled, knowledgeable, supportive. Upon recommendation, I came to the clinic after a car accident with intense pain and highly restrictive mobility (fractured and swollen knee). After only one or two treatments with Dr. Cohen I was actually able to sleep and begin my healing. I went from feeling hopeless to hopeful. I was particularly impressed by Dr. Cohen’s skillful use of medical acupuncture for pain relief and therapeutic healing. Dr. Cohen also impressed me with his overall knowledge and kindness: I made great progress in my healing after his treatments (‘magical’ acupuncture accompanied by highly effective hands on treatment and helpful suggestions for home care/exercises). I can’t thank Dr. Cohen and Canada’s Accident Rehab group enough for their help. I strongly recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone who’s looking to efficiently heal from any pain or discomfort and to experience optimal health.

Ingrid Erickson

Adrian-thanks for your follow up phone call, I’ve never had a doctor call me after an initial visit. You were very successful in fixing my muscle pull. Did the exercises and by Wed. - 2 days later - I was feeling only occasional pain - next day all is well. Thank you, best to you

Sallee Rymal

Dr. A! I just want to say thank you in general for everything, you have really made such a difference in my day-to- day living. Prior to seeing you, I couldn't sit, walk or be active without significant pain in my hips and back. You taught me why my old sports activities manifested into cumulative injuries even at my relatively young age. Not only am I feeling so much better, but I now know how to take control of my health and be more proactive. Chiropactic is such a wonderful, natural, hollistic area of health care. Please don't move out of the country: ever!

Mallory Harris

As an emerging professional dance artist, my body requires ongoing injury prevention and maintenance. Dr. Adrian Cohen has helped me extensively with this. His practice is extremely effective and apart from being so knowledgeable, he is also very personable. I recommend Dr. Adrian Cohen to any professional dancer or athlete. With that being said, I also extend this recommendation to anyone who is looking for a smiley face and most importantly, results.

Rebecca Karpus

Hi Dr. C, Hope all is well with you. I've been trying to maintain knot free muscles in my neck and shoulder using a tennis ball (with okay results). I recently started a class to improve my swim strokes for lane swimming and have aggravated things. I went to a massage therapist last Thursday who I think overdid it, I've been in more pain since then. The experience helped me to appreciate all the good work you've done for me as I truly haven't received the type of care you provide anywhere else. I'm booked to see you Wednesday afternoon, and I am ready to follow through with proper maintenance this time.


I have always been nervous about seeing a chiropractor. However, eventually the pain in my back got so bad that I could no longer deal with the pain and how it was affecting my everyday life, even just walking. A friend referred me to Toronto Health Care Group. This is where I met Dr. Adrian Cohen. When I first met him, I told him of my nervousness and he assured me that there was no need to worry. During the procedure, he explained what was going on and the purpose for his procedures. He made sure I was comfortable with what needed to be done. I was impressed to see how his techniques addressed many areas of my body and not just my spine. In such a short time, I noticed significant improvement; I would highly recommend Dr. Cohen to those that require any chiropractic service, including medical acupuncture and Active Release Techniques. Keep in mind that Chiropractors don't just look at the back, but rather they tend to the whole body to ensure it functions optimally. Dr. Cohen's work improved my golf game and seriously reduced my post golf soreness! I found his medical acupuncture and Active Release Techniques to be extremely effective. The results were astounding.

Paul Miklas, President
Valleymede Building AMA Corp.

Dear Readers, I have always been a skeptic when it came to Chiropractors, but Dr. Cohen has shown me how Chiropractors take over where Medical Doctors leave off. After two bouts of herniated disc disease in my neck, which caused me unbearable pain for four months per bout, I wanted to prevent another occurrence. Adrian did a preliminary visual exam of my body followed by minimal x-rays. His visual exam revealed that one of my shoulder blades and one of my hips was significantly lower than its partner. The x-rays demonstrated reduced disc space in my neck. In layman’s words my body was “out of whack”. Adrian started preventive treatment right away, gently. I had heard that neck manipulation could cause a stroke, but Dr. Cohen reassured me this was gentle but that even a “hard” adjustment from an inexperienced practitioner would not cause a stroke. Chiropractic students learn on each other! Example: Severe whiplash from a car accident causes tearing of the neck muscles and joints; therefore, a lot of force goes through the neck, spinal cord and blood vessels, but those structures remain intact! Is it common to hear that car accidents cause strokes? Not that I can recall. A professional controlled neck adjustment is much safer than a bad whiplash! Anyway, Dr. Cohen worked on my neck and back to release stuck areas, improved muscle tone and gave me posture exercises. He used Contemporary Medical Electro-ACUPUNCTURE as adjuncts in his treatment. After several weekly sessions the positions of my shoulder blade and hip improved significantly, as can be seen on before and after pictures. My neck has been quiet for 2 years now, but I know that if I develop the same problem again, I will head to Dr. Adrian right away. Recently, I developed pain in my right leg after pushing significant weight with two feet in the gym. Every night when I went to sleep it was difficult to find a position where my leg wouldn’t ache. Sitting during the day necessitated me having to extend the leg to become comfortable. Also for the last six months I felt I was developing sciatica on the same side especially when driving the car. I talked to my personal trainer and he said I must have injured my Quad muscle and IT band. After giving it a month to heal by stretching to no avail, off to Dr. Cohen I went. Since he has a Chiropractor degree, along with a degree in Kinesiology, his knowledge of the skeleton, nerves and the origins and insertions of the muscles of the body are amazing. After a few sessions he diagnosed that the problem was actually coming from my back, and he began treatment of that area. Now after 5 sessions the leg aching and the pain from sciatica has diminished considerably. It’s great to know that we have excellent practitioners like Dr. Cohen who can diagnose and treat these types of disorders. I give him my highest recommendation.

Dr. Neil Applebaum
Pediatric Dentist

For over a year I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis resulting from a running injury. I had not been able to resolve this through traditional means nor with Shock Wave Therapy. However, your acupuncture and MRT resolved this within 3 months (8 treatments in total!) and I am now running pain free!


From the first time you work on my back after a car accident there was a big difference in the way I was walking. you are a miracle Doctor and I strongly recommend you as one of the best out there. I thank God for you everyday. Not only do you know your job but you were also very easy to talk to, you made me feel at ease. You are the best. Keep up the good work.

Nalda Browne