Headaches: The Chiropractic Answer

Author: Dr. Adrian Cohen | | Categories: Best Chiropractor , Chiropractic Care

Headaches - The Chiropractic Answer

Chiropractic for Headache Relief

Many people consider a headache a normal occurrence: you pop a few pills, and it usually goes away.  If it doesn’t, you double the dose. The problem with this “pill for every ill” approach is that a headache is not normal, and should not be accepted as a normal part of life. When people use drugs to ease their headache pain, they do nothing to eliminate the CAUSE of the pain. They simply mask the symptoms and trick the body into believe that the problem has been corrected. Their actions can be compared to someone disconnecting the fire alarm instead of putting out the fire. They have eliminated the symptom (the alarm) but have not corrected the problem (the fire).

A whole generation of Canadians has grown up believing that for every pain known to man there is a “miracle cure” that will make it go away. For headache sufferers, the choices are impressive: pink, yellow, brown, white, and red; tablets, caplets and capsules; regular, extra-strength and maximum strength.  Yet all these remedies have nothing in common: they are all drugs.They inhibit the body’s natural recuperative power and they can have serious side effects.  At best, they bring only temporary relief and do nothing to correct the causes of the headache pain. 

Years of sophisticated advertising campaigns costing millions of dollars (per day) have convinced many people that over-the-counter headache remedies are both safe and effective.  The reality is most people who claim long-term relief from such medication are suffering from what is commonly referred to as “casual” headaches.  These headaches usually have an easily identifiable cause, such as lack of sleep, eye strain, toxic air or smog, over eating, excessive smoking or drinking too much alcohol.  The medication seems to work because the casual headache will dissipate by itself as soon as the cause is eliminated. 

Most headaches that send patients to seek our help are either of the “chronic recurrent” or “acute severe” types.  Chronic recurrent headaches usually involve the blood vessels and/or the nerves of the head. The most serious type in this category is the migraine.   Acute severe headaches on the other hand are usually associated with stress and tension.  Some may reflect serious underlying disease (chiropractors are well trained to rule this out), but most involve the muscles, joints and nerves of the cervical spine.  They are usually associated with a stiff neck, tension between the shoulder blades and tightening of the back of the head. 

Chiropractors are interested in the root causes of your headaches, not just the symptoms.  Usually, a chiropractic diagnosis will reveal joint restrictions/subluxations in the cervical vertebrae.  In other words, a “misalignment” or imbalance of two or more neck joints can cause nerve pressure at the base of the skull. 

There are plenty of studies from around the world that have showed that the majority of headaches are caused by these vertebral fixations.  Chiropractic has the unique benefit of correcting the cause of almost all headaches without the use of drugs and without subjecting a patient to extensive testing and other unnecessary costly procedures. 

If you are bothered now, or have been bothered in the past by recurring headaches, call a chiropractor today.  You will get a much better idea about how you can be helped.  Don’t wait for your next headache to start before you do something about it: the sooner you begin care (just like brushing your plaque-filled teeth), the sooner you will live a happier and healthier life.  After all, chiropractic care is very practical – so Get Chiropractical!