Chiropractic - an effective method of relieving back pain caused by gardening

Author: Dr. Adrian Cohen | | Categories: Best Chiropractor , Contemporary Medical Acupuncture , Spinal Decompression

Chiropractic - an effective method of relieving back pain caused by gardening

Gardening is one of the most challenging activities for your spine. It is among the leading causes for lower back pain and even disc herniation! This activity requires you to work in a bent position, which negatively impacts your low back mechanics. It will leave you with that nasty lower back pain making you search desperately for a solution.

Repetitive raking, planting, and digging can also leave you with shoulder, knee, and hip pain.  This is usually related to prolonged bad posture, which is unfortunately required to garden properly. Our body is simply not designed for this. The worst part is that the pain doesn’t always occur while gardening, rather it shows up during the night, the following day, or later in the week. 

There are some methods to at least attempt to keep proper posture while raking or digging, but the technique is hard to adhere to, and let’s face it: people get lazy! 

Prolonged gardening can ultimately lead to disc herniation, which is one of the worst pains experienced. Some say the pain is worse than childbirth!

So here’s where chiropractic comes in handy. For anyone desperate for a solution, chiropractic is proven to relieve the pain.  It is the third largest health profession in the world (just behind medicine and dentistry), and it’s the number one profession to treat muscle, nerve and joint disorders on a conservative level.

Chiropractic is dedicated to non-surgical treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Its main focus is to adjust spinal joint pressure to reduce nerve pain and restore proper function.  Many of my patients have injured themselves gardening and when not treated early enough, their pain lingers until the winter. 

For severe cases, such as a herniated disc there is a an effective treatment option called spinal decompression. It is used to treat disc bulges, herniations, and spinal stenosis. Using a state of the art spinal decompression machine called DRX 9000 (combined with acupuncture and other methods of manual treatment) is an effective way to manage and sometimes even cure the symptoms of spinal problems.

We often use laser light therapy as an adjunct to the decompression treatment.  Infrared laser light stimulates the body’s natural cellular pathways to reduce pain and inflammation. The vast majority of patients, with disc herniations treated by this method have been successfully relieved of their pain, which is a testament to the effectiveness of this solution.

So, if you hurt yourself gardening this past fall season, what have you done about it?