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Dr. Adrian Cohen for Chiropractic Care & Treatment Services in Toronto ON

To provide exceptional cutting edge Chiropractic Treatment by optimizing a person’s dysfunction (or movement impairment syndromes) to reduce pain and improve strength and performance.

To support active individuals. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, if you’ve been injured in a car accident, banged up from daily life or looking to enhance your performance during daily living activities, the specialized chiropractic treatment system that is utilized can help you return to your active lifestyle.

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  • To ELIMINATE the concerns people have about Chiropractic Treatment.
  • To EDUCATE people about their spinal and muscle systems.
  • To teach how to stretch and exercise PROPERLY to prevent injury or re-injury.
  • To optimize YOUR health, quality of life, and daily performance.


What patients say about Dr. Adrian Cohen, Chiropractor in Toronto

As an emerging professional dance artist, my body requires ongoing injury prevention and maintenance. Dr. Adrian Cohen has helped me extensively with this. His practice is extremely effective and apart from being so knowledgeable, he is also very personable. I recommend Dr. Adrian Cohen to any professional dancer or athlete. With that being said, I also extend this recommendation to anyone who is looking for a smiley face and most importantly, results.

- Rebecca Karpus

Dr. Adrian Cohen - Chiropractor in Toronto ON

Chiropractic Treatment Research

Toronto’s chiropractor Dr. Adrian Cohen offers excellent health care for patients at his chiropractic clinic in Toronto, ON.
Dr. Adrian Cohen’s chiropractic services in Toronto include :
Spinal Decompression | Active Release Technique | Contemporary Medical Acupuncture
Cold Laser Therapy | Gentle Specific Adjustments | Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Strength and Conditioning | Motor Vehicle Accident / WSIB | Custom Orthotics
| Shockwave Therapy | Custom Braces

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